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Attention! We currently have a 5 business days turnaround time for Calibration and Repair.

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Standard RMA Terms & Conditions 

  1. By returning your instrument to Ikonix USA, you are authorizing Ikonix USA to calibrate and adjust your instrument when required. Information of intolerance/out of tolerance conditions will be indicated on your certificate and/or datasheets.
  2. We guarantee calibration and repair for all instruments currently in production, as well as instruments discontinued no longer than 5 years. Our ability to calibrate and repair instruments discontinued greater than 5 years is dependent upon parts availability. We cannot support, calibrate, or repair instruments discontinued greater than 10 years.
  3. Parts and Accessories are not applicable.
  4. Instruments received for calibration that have been subject to gross misuse, shipping or customer damage will be subject to Flat Rate Repair pricing. Instruments received for calibration with minor damage that affects operation will receive an additional $200.00 fee.
  5. Unless stated otherwise on the purchase order, all calibrated products come with a calibration recommendation interval of 1 year from the calibration date.
  6. For trade-in requests, please note billing information is only collected to match your instrument to your account.

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